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Moscow Bar: Djao Da

Lubyansky proezd 25/12, Metro Kitai-Gorod, Moscow

Djao Da, Moscow

The novelty factor of this relaxed but gritty venue is the bar itself, which is made up of the wing from the Chinese Fighter Plane that crashed in Moscow during World War 2. This lends itself well to light hearted date chat whilst you play with the controls and sip a cocktail.

With its novel history, there is no surprise that inside Djao Da, you feel a world away from the harsh Stalinist architecture, and, whilst we were there, the bitter weather up on the street level. 

This bar is a medley of countries and cultures present with some wild and wacky artifacts, plus a diverse selection of magazines and journals on offer.

The multi-culture is also reflected in the menu, ranging from Bolognaise to soups to omelets, and, of course, fries. In Moscow, it’s popular for all the courses to come out together so be ready for the medley of foods on the table, all a little too big, but pleasing all the same. 

Djao Da is open for breakfast from 5am (that’s right, early birds), business lunches (the common name in Russia for set menus, which are also good value three course meals), and well into the night. As a venue for small bands and singers, the relaxed environment allows for anything and everything, either a quiet place to read the paper, or of course, to allow a couple to snuggle in the corner and enjoy the quirky atmosphere.

It’s very easy to lose track of time here and pretty much spend and entire day, making your way through the diverse menu and drinks list. This is possibly because it is a nice reprieve from most of the uber-glamorous bars and restaurants that Moscow offers up (see my review of Galleria).

(DONNA, Co-founder, MadLoveGame)

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