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Moscow Bar: Galleria

Petrovka ulitsa 27, Moscow 103031

Galleria, Moscow

In contrast to Djao Da, Galleria is the place where you will see the Porsches and the Ferraris parked outside because it is hot tipped as one of the (most recently) ‘good’ places frequented by the millionaires. And me.

We went early, around 8ish. We were having our pre-drinks before going on to dinner elsewhere, but we realized that it was, in fact, a very swish restaurant itself. The lighting was honey-hued and the central bar was full of the expectant high end refreshments and accompaniments. After depositing our coats in the velvet-curtained cloak room, we walked through the main, large restaurant and round the corner to some low level sofas and other tables for two looking out onto a veranda. This apparently comes into full use in the summer months.

To accompany your dinner or drinks, you will be immersed in some swanky art from Russia’s up and coming artists plus some rather modern DJ sets on the decks. This lends itself well to the girly parties, the boys clubs and the overtly swish clientele who like to dine to a beat. And of course, if they need their eyes massaged whilst they do so, the super-model clientele aren’t bad to look at.

We were fortunate enough to arrive in a quiet time. Not sure how things would fare later on in the evening, or if we would even get a spot, judging by many reports from local friends. We were served politely and fast, as well as being well advised on the cocktail menu. Would love to go back when it is in full swing!



(DONNA, Co-founder, MadLoveGame)

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