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Berlin hotel: Propeller Island

Albrecht Achilles Str. 58, 10709 Berlin

Propeller Island upside down room

Do you want to stay at a truly unique and extraordinary hotel? Then Propeller Island City Lodge is one of the most unusual romantic getaways you can find. Whether you're a creative type or just plain adventurous, travelling to Berlin to experience "living in a world of art" is worth the trip alone.

All rooms and objects were created and hand crafted by the German artist Lars Stroschen. The designs are exciting and sometimes extreme, but with 27 different options, you should be able to book the room that complements your mood and taste. 


Berlin Propeller Island coffin room

If you are into gothic romanticism, try sleeping in the coffins, prison or padded cell.

Those of you looking for titillation, the lion cage or mirror room should inspire you and your lucky partner... 

Or perhaps you just like your beds flying, moving or upside down?

My stay in the Space Cube room was weird, to say the least. Blue lighting floods the senses and ambient music tickles the ears. In the middle of the bed there is an illuminated, suspended barrier between the bed halves.

Berlin Propeller Island space cube room

Fancy a tranquil sleep? If so, this might not be the room (or hotel) for you. Lying there, looking up at the guillotine-esque barrier is rather unnerving. In the dark of night, your mind starts getting paranoid and wonders whether the rock weighted chains really will prevent the device from slicing you in two.

Leaning over to kiss your other half will feel like a real risk! Of course, you could choose to lower it, but then you would be separated from your sleeping partner...

The industrial style bathroom is also unsettling, especially since the black circular shower curtain forces you to shower in pitch darkness...

alt(CINDY, MadLoveGame founder)

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