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Lake District Hotel: The Lodge, Eden Hall

Edenhall Estate, The Courtyard, Edenhall, Penrith, Cumbria CA11 8ST

The Lodge, Eden Hall, Lake District

If you are visiting the spectacular Lake District, I recommend staying with your loved one in the beautiful, natural surroundings of The Lodge at Eden Hall.

Looking at a picture of this place makes you feel as though you are deep in the forests of Canada, but actually, you are not more than 20 minutes from Penrith Village in Cumbria.


My boyfriend and I went there for 3 nights for a long weekend in October (yes, we were brave, but it paid off). With hectic London lives, tranquility in a secluded location is just what we needed. Still, knowing that the farm village was only a 10-minute drive away, was reassuring.

The Lodge, Eden Hall, Lake District

Based on the Eden Hall estate, The Lodge is located by the river and built from wood of the old house. After being shown the ropes by the owner, we were left to our own devices. He told us he was on radio if we needed him.

Before we arrived, we wondered what a test it would be to limit our use of technological gadgets. Here we were without TV and internet, and had minimal mobile reception. Luckily, the cabin stocked plenty of games to keep us entertained.

We came well prepared with all the food supplies we needed to make romantic meals in the open plan kitchen. The wood was stacked up outside for the iron fireplace that heated the whole cabin. We embraced the rustic feel with picnics in front of the fire and out on the veranda. 

The shower and loo were ‘outside’, but thankfully attached to the cabin, so no ghastly late night walks into the unknown... An ornate spiral staircase in the middle of the lounge leads to the bedroom upstairs. It was so peaceful to wake up to a stunning view of the pheasants wandering around by the river.

The Lodge, Eden Hall, Lake District

Our stay was blessed with fair weather, so we ventured about half a mile from the cabin along the river to explore. 

The land of the Eden Hall estate offers plenty of scope for hiking and cycling in its woodlands as well as private stretches of the river, which are fantastic for salmon fishing. We thought the serenity was busying in itself – we felt lucky to enjoy time in such a divine place with just each other. 

Donna Mabey


 (DONNA,  MadLoveGame founder)

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