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The Gusher

The Gusher

It was a beautiful summer's evening and I was in a bar with my friends in Grunerl√łkka in Oslo, Norway. We were drinking shots and there was a woman sitting at a nearby table. She looked quite hot in this little tube top and skinny jeans. I thought I would go and ask how she was and why she was alone. I struck up a conversation and she told me her name was Siren, 26 years old and a travel agent. Little did I know that bringing this girl home would give me the shock of my life!

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Peeping Tom

Peeping Tom

1971. I was 18 and had just started dating Jesper. Danish parents were stricter back then and there weren't many places teenage couples could be alone. With hormones raging, we longed for some "private time", away from the watchful eyes of disapproving adults.

One warm summer's eve, Jesper suggested we drive to a scenic spot by a secluded beach outside Aarhus.  I wasn't quite sure what to expect, as I was so inexperienced with boys, but I certainly did not anticipate the danger I was about to be put in...

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The Hurler

The hurler

After 18 months of dating Roy, a guy from university, I decided to end our relationship. I felt we weren't suitable, and tried to convey that to him when I broke up with him. I had hoped we could remain friends, but Roy was very upset and depressed, so I just gave him space.

Roy called a few weeks later and asked if we could talk about everything over dinner. I didn't particularly want to rehash all the ins and outs of why I didn't want to be with him, but since I felt bad for him, I agreed. Little did I know that I was in for a very gross and humiliating evening.

I met Roy at the restaurant he had booked. Seeing him was really awkward, obviously, because I had hurt him and I didn't want to be together with him anymore. I grabbed the menu, and tried to busy myself with deciding on what to eat. After we ordered our food, there was no way out...

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In the bath

In the bath

My boyfriend Dan and I had arranged a date night. We were planning to hit the town, but the awful cold and rainy weather made me just want to stay in.

Dan suggested a candle-lit bath, which is always nice, but he also thought it would be romantic to drink wine and eat our dinner in the bath…There's a reason why that's not a good idea...

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Red hot passion

Red hot passion

Back in our university days, I lived with a bunch of boisterous rugby guys on campus. There was one particular girl in halls whose nickname was 'Susie wiggle bottom' because she was attractive, and had quite a big bum.

One night we had been out on the smash and as we were all walking back home together, one of the chaps, Nick, got friendly with Susie. The following incident would subsequently make the pair university legends... for all the wrong reasons...

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