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In the bath

In the bath

My boyfriend Dan and I had arranged a date night. We were planning to hit the town, but the awful cold and rainy weather made me just want to stay in.

Dan suggested a candle-lit bath, which is always nice, but he also thought it would be romantic to drink wine and eat our dinner in the bath…There's a reason why that's not a good idea...

Going with the flow, I agreed and lit an abundance of candles whilst the bath was running and the food cooking. I filled our glasses with Pino Grigio, and we were all set for our relaxing bath together.

Our homemade Spaghetti Bolognaise served in bowls, and rather bath friendly, Dan pointed out. Being enveloped in hot water, eating a tasty dish with your lover was more blissful than I expected.

That was...until Dan said “look, this is really handy, it floats.” And within a second of letting the bowl go, it slowly submerged itself. His food was swamped in scented water! Strands of pasta and red sauce filled our bath.

I just wanted to jump out right there for the goo factor, but on second thoughts, I didn’t want to burst the rest of the romantic aura, so we just stayed in the bath, finishing our food. In a way, there was something ultra sensual about it being a little icky. If it’s good enough to eat, it’s not so bad to add to the bath. Cleopatra bathed in milk after all…

Female, 27, Cardiff, UK

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