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Red hot passion

Red hot passion

Back in our university days, I lived with a bunch of boisterous rugby guys on campus. There was one particular girl in halls whose nickname was 'Susie wiggle bottom' because she was attractive, and had quite a big bum.

One night we had been out on the smash and as we were all walking back home together, one of the chaps, Nick, got friendly with Susie. The following incident would subsequently make the pair university legends... for all the wrong reasons...

As we got back to halls, they disappeared off down one end of the corridors, to Nick's room. The rest of us were in the other end of the corridor in another room having a few beers, but we hadn't really noticed that Nick and Susie had disappeared.

Suddenly we heard Nick's frantic screams from the other end of the corridor: "You filthy, filthy b****! I can't believe you could do this; you are disgusting!
Followed by Susie crying "Oh my God, I don't know what happened, OMG!"

The next thing we know, Nick barges in to our room and we all spin round to look at him. He's got blood all over his face, which we thought was disgusting. We asked what on earth had happened and he explained that he had gone down on her... One minute he is in the throws of passion - and then the next he can taste blood in his mouth and feel the red, hot liquid smearing his face. 

Mad Love Game - Red hot passion

We were trying to understand what had happened and he snapped " Can you believe it? She was on her period! What kind of girl has sex on her period?" and ran to the bathroom to clean himself up.

I exchanged shocked looks and grossed out grimaces with the other lads. Nick was still swearing and screaming, but then suddenly fell silent.

- "Are you OK in there, Nick.?" we asked.
- "Oh shit!" Nick yells.
- "What's up, what's up", we replied.
- "It's not her! God, nooooo! I've got a friggin nosebleed!" Nick exclaimed.

Nick realised that what he had thought was Susie's miscalculation of the time of the month, was in fact, him having a drunken nosebleed.
Let's just say that it was a bit awkward between Nick and Susie after that...and we could hardly look her in the eye...

Male, 32, Cambridge, UK


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0 #1 LegendsDeco 2013-03-20 19:03
OMG! :P That is possibly the best story I have ever heard! No wonder they became legendary!

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