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Peeping Tom

Peeping Tom

1971. I was 18 and had just started dating Jesper. Danish parents were stricter back then and there weren't many places teenage couples could be alone. With hormones raging, we longed for some "private time", away from the watchful eyes of disapproving adults.

One warm summer's eve, Jesper suggested we drive to a scenic spot by a secluded beach outside Aarhus.  I wasn't quite sure what to expect, as I was so inexperienced with boys, but I certainly did not anticipate the danger I was about to be put in...

The nervous energy in the car was palpable as we drove to the beach. Jesper found a remote spot, between some bushes and the beach. During the drive I had started feeling like I needed to pee, but I forgot as soon as we sat there in the car, enjoying the sea view and kissing passionately. However, after a while the urge to pee was becoming more unbearable...and there were no facilities here...

Finally, I decided I couldn't hold it in any longer and I had to get out of the car. I was embarrassed about having to pee in front of my date, so I looked for a good spot near the bushes, a bit away from the car. Summer nights in Scandinavia are famously light, so I kept an eye on the car to make sure Jesper wasn't watching and then crouched down.

Peeping Tom

Just as I was about to pee, I heard a twig break. I turned abruptly around and had the fright of my life. A man (in his fifties) was standing right beside me, half concealed by the bushes. It was obvious that he was a peeping Tom who liked to spy on the lovers who tended to frequent this well-known rendezvous place. I was totally shocked and felt sick to think that he must have been there the whole time watching us make out in the car. Thank goodness we hadn't gotten further in our session!

My heart was pounding and it was like everything was happening in slow-motion. I felt like I couldn't pull my panties up fast enough. Finally, I let out a scream and ran to the car.

"Drive! " I yelled. Jesper just looked confused at me. I yanked open the car door and flung myself onto the seat, ducking down. "Drive! Drive Drive! There's a peeper there!"

Peeping Tom

I was so hysterical that Jesper had trouble starting the car. He thought I was totally overreacting, but my mind went into survival mode. I was terrified because who knows whether this perverse man could be capable of more sinister actions?

Jesper said "Oh, don't worry, everybody knows that voyeurs hang around places like this. They're harmless".
I tried to feel reassured, but I never put myself in a vulnerable position on a date like that again.

When news broke of the 'Monster of Florence' serial killer who murdered 16 lovers during their trysts in the remote Italian countryside during the 1970-80's, I kept thinking back to the incident that Jesper and I experienced, and I know I was right to trust my instincts.

Female, 60, Aarhus, Denmark

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0 #1 ScaryBella 2013-04-25 15:33
The thought of a date all alone in a remote area at night is unsettling. I would have freaked out if this happened to me!

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