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Breaking up with babyface

Breaking up with babyface

Back in 1970 I was 18 years old and still living at home. It was the hippie era and women were becoming more independent, ambitious and playful. My parents’ generation would have been ready to marry by now, but I just wanted to have fun and experience different people. I needed to instigate my very first break up, but I didn’t know how to, and back then we didn’t get much guidance on how to go about things. How, when and where is appropriate?

I started dating a gorgeous guy. His "babyface" look melted everyone in his path. Not only was he handsome, he was nice and took the relationship very seriously. All my girlfriends liked him and made no secret of the fact that they were jealous. How had I, a plain Jane tomboy, managed to hook this amazing specimen?

My parents adored him and my father in particular was hoping an engagement announcement would be imminent. After a few months I just realised that it didn't feel right, so I decided to break up with Babyface. I was dreading it. He was my first boyfriend and I had no idea how to break up with someone, let alone someone with those puppy eyes!

One evening he had come to my house to pick me up. I heard his car and when I saw him from my window, my heart sunk and I just knew that I couldn’t go on another date with him. I was worried he would propose. I ran outside to meet him so that he wouldn’t have to face my parents afterward. Before he could get a kiss or word in I blurted out “It’s over, I don’t want to see you anymore”. He was completely taken by surprise and burst into tears. I was mortified as I had never seen a boy my age cry before. I pleaded with him to go home and forget about me.

Flustered, I hurried back inside and ran past my father, straight into my bedroom. Father came in after a few minutes and wondered what was going on. I said “Nothing’s going on, don’t worry.” Father told me to come over to the kitchen, where our balcony was. There stood my poor Babyface and sobbed his eyes out. He was wailing so loudly that all the neighbours started to peek out of their windows. Babyface kept calling my name, asking “WHY???” and pleading with me to give him another chance. I wanted to die of embarrassment.

My parents were furious that I had broken up with him as they had hoped he would be their future son-in-law. I insisted I had just told him plainly it was over, but my parents didn’t believe me. They thought I must have said something really mean to him to cause such a dramatic and hysterical reaction… After that, I was famous in the neighbourhood for being the “girl with the heart of stone”. Babyface was miserable the rest of the year and many people were astonished that I could have let such a great guy go…

Female, 60, Pennsylvania, USA

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0 #1 Love lessonhvitost 2013-03-20 19:15
Poor boy...I guess he got a tough lesson in love and heartbreak...

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