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The Hurler

The hurler

After 18 months of dating Roy, a guy from university, I decided to end our relationship. I felt we weren't suitable, and tried to convey that to him when I broke up with him. I had hoped we could remain friends, but Roy was very upset and depressed, so I just gave him space.

Roy called a few weeks later and asked if we could talk about everything over dinner. I didn't particularly want to rehash all the ins and outs of why I didn't want to be with him, but since I felt bad for him, I agreed. Little did I know that I was in for a very gross and humiliating evening.

I met Roy at the restaurant he had booked. Seeing him was really awkward, obviously, because I had hurt him and I didn't want to be together with him anymore. I grabbed the menu, and tried to busy myself with deciding on what to eat. After we ordered our food, there was no way out...

We started chit chatting and gingerly circling around the issue. I was so relieved as soon as the food arrived because that meant that I didn't have to carry the conversation for a little while. Besides, I was starving, as usual.

I was halfway through my meal, whereas Roy had only taken about two spoonfuls of his. He looked weird and sure enough, suddenly, he leaned over the side of the table and threw up everywhere. He pushed his chair back with a loud squeak, ensuring that even those at the far end of the restaurant now diverted their attention to us. He got up from his seat and legged it to the bathroom in a mad rush, covering his mouth.

So there I sat, in the middle of the restaurant, with my food in front of me and Roy's vomit all over the floor. 

KIss & Tell Hurler

People at our neighbouring tables looked on in shock and disgust. Meanwhile, waiters were coming in and out of the kitchen door, deftly navigating the pool of vomit, and served the guests, who in turn looked like they had abruptly lost their appetites.

I did feel a bit sorry for Roy. I guess he must have been so nervous seeing me again that he had an upset tummy. But, I was the person everyone was looking at, and I had to deal with the aftermath. I just sat there wishing that the floor would open up and swallow me. It was dreadful. I paid the bill, apologised to the waiter and gave him a big tip before rushing out of there.

Female, 25, Hertfordshire, UK

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0 #1 EmbarrassingBella 2013-03-20 18:57
Oh dear, I feel your pain! :-x

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