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My first boyfriend

My first boyfriend

The year was 1989. Age 15. I was on holiday in Bibione, Italy with my family. As I was too young to go the nightclubs, the main source of entertainment for teenagers in this seaside resort was an amusement park called Lunapark. My sister and I went there every night to party and flirt with the cute boys.

Long hair was a popular look on men and I was a sucker for any cute “bad boy” with a flowing mane. I was thrilled when just such a guy hit on me. Alex was German and around my age. However, I was in for a very unsettling discovery...

 We spent 3 days flirting, but it never went beyond hand holding and hugging. I was getting a bit frustrated with the situation and thought “why is he not making a move?” 

Yet he kept wanting to meet up with me and was keen to do things together, just the two of us. Finally, Alex kissed me and from then on we made out constantly, for days. He was a great kisser.

I had a real crush on Alex. My sister had met him at Lunapark, and when I introduced him to my parents they thought he seemed like a nice boy.

Then, one evening, we hung out with his friends and one of the girls referred to Alex as she.

 "She, you mean he, right?" I interrupted, thinking she had mixed up her English.

My first boyfriend, Mad Love Game

Alex's friend said “What do you mean? Alex is a girl, so it's she” .

I blurted out a shocked “What? I don’t believe it!”

“Oh, you didn't know??? I thought you were a lesbian!” Alex’s friend said.

I felt sick and summoned the courage to confront Alex. It was embarrassing, but I blurted out “They’re saying you’re a girl; what the hell are they talking about? Are you a girl?”

Alex replied, “Yes, of course! What did you think I was?” I felt Alex had tricked me so I got angry and yelled expletives at him/her. Alex thought I had understood all along that he was in fact a she!

Alex had a unisex name, a deep voice, wore no make up and had no signs of a female body shape. She truly looked and acted like a teenage boy. At least I felt better since my family also thought she was a boy.

My mom laughed and told me to steer clear of boys with long hair next time, just to be sure…

Did I listen? No. ;)

Female, 36, Egersund, Norway

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0 #1 boys vs girlsDeco 2013-03-20 19:06
:sigh: Are you kidding me? How could you not tell that it was a girl? LOL!

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