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New York Bar: PDT

PDT, New York

113 St. Marks Pl. , New York, NY 10009

You can't be in New York without experiencing the increasingly popular secret Speakeasy trend.

If you want to surprise your date, phone ahead (from 3pm) and make a reservation at PDT. Short for Please Don't Tell, this sexy East Village bar is accessed through a secret entrance: Crif Dogs. Your date will wonder why you have brought her to a hot dog joint...

Crif Dogs, New York

Try to keep a straight face, then usher her into the vintage phone booth... Suddenly you will find yourselves within the taxidermy-adorned walls of this trendy cocktail bar. The pairing of the two venues means you can get drunk on PDT martinis and then satisfy your hunger by chomping on some delicious Crif hot dogs. 

Stefan Rendezvous


(STEFAN, 38, Fashion PR)

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